Contract Manufacturing Services

In an increasingly competitive global market, you need more than a standard CEM company. Ascom is unique due to our flexible approach, that can help you on every step of your project. We are a realiable player on a global market, that is ready to fulfill your production needs.

ASCOM Electronic is here to offer you wide range of services from designing, through procurement to production. It is up to you, which step you want to take with us. We are ready to support your needs from project to production or can be a partner on a selected stage.

Our main values are: longlasting relationships, innovative/individual approach and mutual respect.
We gathered experience in electronics industry for more than 10 years now. We had learned that the most important is to:

  • provide excellent customer service with individual and innovative open-minded approach
  • keep continous development of a long-term relations
  • establishing contacts with companies on the market from whole EMS/OEM world
  • build multicultural organisation, working on a global scale

Our mission is to delight customers by excellent quality of our services bearing in mind that the most important part in business is human relations.